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Friday 24th May - Day 14 Week 3!

I made it through week 3! Woohoo and what a week it was...

I have fallen in love with the Yoga philosophy, this is an area that I would definitely like to deepen my understanding on when working towards my 500 hours.

Ayurveda was equally interesting; I have always had an interest in the magic of herbal medicine and this links the two nicely together (i.e. yoga and natural health), as a way to nourish the body and mind without the use of manmade medicine, whilst understanding how the elements affect people and the spiritual self which all help in preparation for the Annamaya kosa (physical body). Emma our tutor of the subject was lovely, and it was apparent that she was very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.

The seated sessions with Sandy were amazing, she taught so thoroughly, going through each of the positions, modifications, variations clearly and concisely, whilst also including the Sanskrit, then summarising the class by again going through the postures and asking each of us to repeat the Sanskrit names I really absorbed this well, perfect! This was followed up with modifications by Jonathan, which was a great reinforcement of the session beforehand, great day!

Loved Vinyasa Krama especially when being given the freedom to create our own sequences, Jonny gave some great ideas to add themes to sequences which is something I would incorporate into my own teaching practice, fab idea 😊

Friday afternoon was a difficult day, there was a lot of philosophy to learn and lists to remember! After a point I switched off, it was if my brain said “nope sorry I am full, that’s it Tiff”; but I did enjoy the lesson Sandy is a great teacher.

Highlight of the week were the partner workshops run by Sandy and Marta, they were sooo much fun! As was the headstand and handstand workshop with Marta; I even came home and did some partner work with the children!

Lowlight - physically and mentally challenged this week, but I made it yay!!

This weekend will be serious studying time 😅📚🧘🏽‍♀️🙌🏽❣

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