Modern Yoga - Ancient Wisdom

Neyoga was born in June 2019, fresh, funky, new with the knowledge of Hatha, the Yoga of Force to share with you!


A physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle, and well-being, guided through practice and philosophy to assist one in finding clarity and stillness of the mind.


Offers movement, flexibility strength and health for the physical body; focus, balance, clarity and peace for the mind; determination, appreciation, motivation, hope, new perspective and change for life and most importantly love for yourself and others. 

Why not try a private session, in the comfort of your own home, book a class or join a workshop. Class pass and new client discounts available, contact or check out the prices page for more information.




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Love - Focus - Energy - Discipline - Fun 
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"Life is all about Balance; Physically, EnergeticallyMentally, Intellectually & Internally"

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