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Upcoming Events

  • Synergy Retreat
    Synergy Retreat
    Thu, 15 Aug
    15 Aug 2024, 14:00 – 18 Aug 2024, 12:00
    Porto, Portugal
    15 Aug 2024, 14:00 – 18 Aug 2024, 12:00
    Porto, Portugal
    Our Synergy Retreat will take place in the heart of Douro, Alijo, Portugal. We will be nestled in comfort and privacy amongst awe inspiring landscape of the Alto Douro, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
  • Immersion Retreat
    Immersion Retreat
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    12th - 17th February 2024
    12th - 17th February 2024
    Cairo, Egypt
    12th - 17th February 2024
    Cairo, Egypt
    Join us on a women's only immersive journey of the self, through the self to the self and explore some of the wonders of Cairo in Egypt...


Modern Yoga - Ancient Wisdom


A physical, energetic, mental, spiritual and well-being lifestyle, guided through practice and philosophy to assist one in finding connection, clarity and stillness of the mind.


Offers movement, flexibility, strength and health for the physical body; Alignment, focus, balance, space and prana for the energetic body; clarity, connection, gratitude, calm and peace for the wisdom body; discipline, mastery, acceptance, new perspective and transformation for the intellect and most importantly love for self and All. 

Why not try a private session, or indulge in a wellness retreat! 

Multibook packages available, contact or check out the prices page for more information.


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"Life is all about Balance; Physically, EnergeticallyMentally, Intellectually & Internally"

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