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 During my early 20's, I discovered  Iyenga Yoga as a means of exercise in a local gym. Years later this progressed to classes in London city where I took part in  weekly Ashtanga classes with Rachel Barlow as well as a more restorative Hatha class. I found the combination of  the challenging fluid movement and discipline of Ashtanga, balanced with spiritual  more relaxing Hatha class worked well for me during a busy work day and city life.
I was hooked...


I found my Raja Yoga  practice on attending a Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre in 2015, this was during a  difficult time in my life where I lost someone very close to me and went through some major life changes. Raja Yoga truly helped me in learning the beauty of  stillness and silence and offered me clarity, peace and love...   


My relationship with yoga has  fluctuated over the years, however since 2015  it has grown stronger and more constant. Pranayama, Asana and Vinyasa have helped me to keep fit, strong and healthy, both physically and mentally. Meditation has enabled me to still a busy mind, as well as giving me the clarity and peace that I have needed to make important life changing decisions.


 For me, yoga is more than just movement and flexibility for the physical body, it is growth, change, self-love, self-discipline and can facilitate in finding peace, space and empathy for self and others. 

In 2018 I found myself on the path of  a 12 month YTT, with Yoga London, initially to deepen my own practice. After a break in training, I then completed the course in 2019. It was during this time that the urge to share my knowledge and experience of yoga seemed like it was not a choice but a duty, "a rite of passage". On completing my course I  took further training with Rainbow Kids Yoga to teach children and families and  finally ventured out teaching adults and children!

In 2020, I am embarking on my 500hr teachers training qualification to both learn more and enhance my offering...

Coming from a belief of living life free of judgement, obtaining peace, positive change, growth, gratitude and love; these feelings inform and guide my teaching and practice, which is focused on helping others connect to their inner strength and discover methods of coping in challenging environments or surroundings and generally  feeling good, enjoying life and having fun!!..


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